14. März 2015

Dear united states of america: WE don't want any kind of war a g a i n.

We know war, we had TWO:
 it feels like Ground-Zero, but EVERY DAY!

If you like to have war, please do it on your OWN territory.
And NO, germany isn't!

Russia may do things we don't understand, but it is NOT our enemy!
We don't believe in war anymore and we know why!
 Keep your weapons off Europe!

Our government seems to agree to all you asking for,
but be warned:
WE -the people- would finally not!


  1. I think we, in Europe, who have had first hand experience of war on our territory within living memory, should be consulted by referendum before we are dragged into the pointless hatred and damage it brings.

    1. *sigh* we'll not be asked. But we are always paying the price.

      Sorry for sounding so depressed - we running into these probs with open eyes and nothing happend to stop them.
      We were only 4000 at the demonstration for peace in Berlin. But there are 80 million germans...

  2. I agree with what Jenni's said above.
    On this Mothering Sunday they should ask the mothers of the world if they want their son's and daughters to go to war ! People who don't have to actually pick up the weapon are very quick to send others to do so!
    Surely the World after Two wars should have learnt the lesson by now?

    War should be a thing of the past, haven't we learned ANYTHING from past experience??? Do we really want further bloodshed? NO WE DON'T!
    The pen should be mightier than the sword.......

  4. Thanks Ladies.
    I read other than the usual media.
    And I'm afraid of what we have to expect.

    The USA definitely want war.
    Day by day the massmedia softly trying to familiarise us with.

    Willy Wimmer said in his speach above, we'll wiped out in that case.
    It was the result of the 80th field exercises for an atomic war - and that's because germany leaved these exercises back then!

  5. My God! This is indeed very worrying news, I am very saddened to read this post.

  6. Dear Ronny,
    sadly most of the people here got only informations by the mainmedia,
    not realising, they couldn't trust them anymore.
    If one look closer, the media always provide nearly the same opinion. And they tell us always the same.
    But obviously there are things going on, the government don't want us to know ... and nobody's asking the crucial questions.

    Some Journalists are telling in interviews, they are not allowed writing the truth. The only aim of media is not giving informations to the public anymore,
    but earning money by selling 'news'.

    Sorry for that. Sometimes the whole situation dejects me - and there's so little I can DO.

  7. It's pretty interesting, that most of the critics on our 'government' is deleted now.