1. März 2015

20> Exodus ...Crazies daughter

Crazies daughter told us: ...  I notice him first at the St.Georgs fountain.
(wich is covered in winter)
Then I saw him again at the Luther-Haus (which will be just restored)
Following him, I watched him next in front of the old Bach-Haus.
He was talking to a little girl.
I heard him asking her, where his home is?
She said, she don't know.
She only knows her own home,  in Leipzig.
And NO - she sadly doesn't know, were TheVillage is.
But she certainly would love the famous HotHoney!
She then walked into the museum with her family ...

  ... and he disappeared without trace!

I couldn't find nor talk to him.




  1. Oh NO!! I hope the little girl did not carry him off thinking he did not have a home!! What would we do without dear Sylvester! Who will keep those other Commoneo bears in check? If he is not around to talk sense to them!!
    My bears are very worried! There is talk of sending out a search party!!

  2. Oh my goodness, as Dee says, you don't think he went off to see the museum and then home with the little girl do you???
    I could imagine that he would love to go home with the little girl, she looked very sweet and obviously she speaks 'bear' language too.......I think we should put lost bear posters up!!!

  3. Oh dear, will he EVER get home?

  4. What a delightful little girl and who was willing to join in this story.
    A pity though that she didn't know the way to The Sasha Village as at least he would have a warm roof over his head, food and drink laced with honey and be safe until arrangements can be made for him to return home..

    Sylvester certainly seems to be enjoying his time with some fabulous sightseeing but I hope that it doesn't sidetrack him from eventually remembering to return home to his now worried and concerned Commoneo family and friends.

    (A few days ago under the post entitled 'The Red Carpet' I was fully expecting him to have returned back home but .....alas it wasn't to be!)

    1. Me to Kendal and also when it said Welcome home!! I think Anne is teasing us !! :)

  5. Thanks so much, dear visitors.
    I'm teasing you -hehe- because I love to read small, but distinguished english comments.
    I enjoy the pictures you write down for me... er ...us!

    I'm not Yoda of StarWars, but I see the future is moving.
    DO Sylvester find a way to England,
    or DO a searchparty (from the motherland of detectives) arrives here to show the germans how to find a compagnion
    or DO Sylvester arrive one day, wet, cold and cruffy (not to forget thin, after all these pinecones) ...

    I don't know. This problem leaves me ... um, well... us completely clueless.

  6. I think he went into the museum with the little girl, maybe riding in her pocket like The Borrowers did (Anne, in case you don't know the real English original Borrowers, look up Mary Norton, a Buckinghamshire author, the books are delightful)