3. März 2015

... a good spirit.

LOOK! What's THIS? -Oh... who are you? -And where are you from?
I'm Mahi. And I'm from far off. And near by. At the same time...
I'm the good spirit of your home.
Do you understand, what she's talking about?
Oh!  She disappeared!
They will understand. Takes just a little time...


  1. A very interesting post. An unusual idea and great thinking.
    I'm now wondering if my home needs ' a good spirit 'too!

    1. I'm sure, we all need - and perhaps we have them in our homes?

      It's perhaps not a superstition, if asians think it's important to remember their presence sometimes.
      (I'm just enjoying Collin Cotterills crimies, located in Laos - and spirits are always amongst people)
      And think about the scandinavian, giving their 'Tomte' porridge for christmas.

  2. Ah - my Sasha toddlers have an 'imaginary friend' they play with and we do get a little blur of green in photos soetimes. Could he be a good spirit, do you think?
    The toddlers tell me his name is Sid - which doesn't sound like a spirit name, so who knows?

    Welcome Mahi. Perhaps you can whisper suggestions that remind them of the need to find a certain missing bear?

    1. I love thinking outside the usual cold way of seeing.
      Why not thinking about a more colourful animated Life surrounding us?

      Was it Hannah Arendt writing, we are not alone, because we have a counterpart in ourself? It consecutive to think about it as another person- especially for a child.

      The danger is only to be afraid of it, and be parted in two halfs - like Gollum in Lord of the Rings.
      But there's a danger in all we do. We have always to find a good balance, do we?

  3. Oh dear, I have a lot of 'Good Spirits' here too!!! Expensive aren't they! ;)
    I like that name though, I will forever think of my bjds as good spirits rather than 'too many dolls' :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Yes Sharon, ... this is suitable :)
      Hugs back xxx

  4. Every house should have a good spirit :) The Village house has an Elf princess But I'm not sure she is always good!! :)
    Maybe she will bring good luck and a certain bears return? He will be so surprised with all the happening once he returns!! :)
    I agree that it's always good to think outside the box and let our imaginations run wild :)