16. März 2015


Stop grumbling, Bartholomew! This is exactly what we exspected after watching the Commoneo-blog: a fur to lean on!
Mmmh. I'm not sure about the cat. And where's the lovely rosy bear?
She'll show up soon. I'm sure.
I don't feel right at home here, Cecile...
We ARE not really a home here. In fact we are homeless. But I hope we finally can stay...  OOPS!
HELP! -Stay still! -I  - try - not - to - move.
Ppfflmph...!!  - Mr. Cat, could you PLEASE, please lift your paw just a little?

NO! I don't want you to sit up upon us ... -Ppfffphh - got hairs in my mouth. -CAN't see anything ...

HELP! Save our souls!


  1. LOL I suppose the good thing is, the cat is NOT a dog....well not one of my dogs anyway, or these little bears would be covered in slobber and drool and probably had their extremities slightly chewed too....... :)
    Beautiful cat by the way!
    Hugs Sharon xxx

  2. Poor little homeless bears! But I can't think of anything more comfortable to lean on for a little bear than a cat. Warm and soft and clean (usually!)

  3. Just loved it...... though I hope that the cat doesn't finally smother those two little bears to death.

  4. Lol Love this, The cat squashing those cheeky bears for thinking they can sit against his fur when maybe he just lets Rose because he likes her best! Are these two new members of the Commoneo crew bears?
    They'd best find the others who can tell them the safest place to rest ! :)