17. März 2015

Happy St.Patrick ... and 'Sommergewinn' in Thuringia

>click>  Green Food for St.Patrick

But in Germany/Thuringia we have just a big spring-festival, called  'Sommergewinn'
There was a big parade and every year the sun has an official discussion with the winter:
He has to vanish now, since it's time for spring!

Many houses are decorated - using the symbols of the festival: eggs, pretzel, and a rooster -with paperflowers. All fertility symbols - which points to the ancient roots of the festival.

And there's a common hurly-burly (I love that language ;) -with poor and loud music.


  1. Loving this tradition. Superb house decorations. What a fun idea.

  2. Love this tradition , the flowers look great on all the houses, so bright and cheery , just right for saying goodbye to the Winter :)

  3. What a lovely tradition, the flowers really brighten the whole place up after the dullness of winter.....Happy Spring everyone!!! :)
    Hugs Sharon xx

  4. How lovely to welcome the spring in this way!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Ladies!
    The sun is shining and *oopsedaisy' there's so much work outside.

    Hope this causes no Revolution at Commoneos again :)