25. März 2015

How many dolls?

As I'm still sick from Novovirus, sitting in my bed, feeling week 
- but not week enough anymore for not having weird ideas- 
I made this from a nice springblossomwallpaper.

How many dolls faces I managed in there, what do you think?


  1. Eleven maybe? Lovely photo collage though, really really pretty!
    I'm sorry to hear that you're not well and hope that you'll soon be better again.
    Sending big hugs for a speedy recovery.
    Sharon xxx

  2. I make it eleven as well...
    Hope you are feeling a lot better Anne...you must be if you are thinking about Sasha dolls :)

  3. Twelve ! Sorry to hear that you are ill :( hope you are beginning to feel better soon. I love this photo you have made of your dolls.
    Keep warm and snug ,Dee xxx

  4. I can only see 11. This is a beautiful collage of Sasha faces.

    Get well so. Anne!

  5. OOPS! It's 4.15 in the morning so please forgive my typing error. That should have been: GET WELL SOON,ANNE.
    Jenni xxx

  6. Thanks so much for your encouragement, dear visitors!
    I'm better every day :)

    I see 11 dolls,
    but maybe there's one more hiding?

  7. I can only see 11 too. An absolutely wonderful photo. (Am most envious of your IT skills.)

    PLEASE, please get better soon! I think that feeliing or being sick is the very worst form of illness for me! Can cope much better with everything else.... BUT that just creases me!

    PS. So sorry, Jenni, to hear that you weren't sleeping so well. Hope that you've now been able to catch up on the missed sleep.

    1. Have just saved this photo in my Pictures and enlarged it to see if I could find the missing 12th face ....which could perhaps be that tiny bit of hair and face just appearing in the very top left hand corner...or maybe that's just the continuation of the below girl's hair?

    2. Yes Kendal. I out only 11 in there, want to still see the blossoms :)

      But thanks for watching closer! Did you see all my faults?

      The pic was first meant to be kind of artistic, but I got so much probs with this newer version of photoshop, that I stay behind my aims.
      So I change my mind and the picture into a game.