20. März 2015

Inquisiton & Emotion

Silence please! This is a special Sit-In, because of the manifestation of some bears at Commoneos. -Some MORE bears.  -Don't interrupt my speach....We found you screaming underneath Nemsi, the cat. Who are you, young bear?
Shall I? Ok. I'm Bartholomew of Bramberbears and this is my sister Cecile. We're searching for a decent home, watching the Commoneo-Blog and deciding to come for a visit, Sir!  -A-HA!
Dear Sirs and Lady, please let us stay! We're young, but well educated (we're BRITISH!) and helpful ... -MMmmh!
Bartholomew and Cecile - I know, how it feels to be homeless and lost! I'll vote for you!
Me too. Come on sweet litttle Cecile. Heart is trumps.
I'm surprised at you! -This is the wackiest Sit-In I ever joined!
But ... finally... you're right. -Hear hear.  -That settles the matter once and for all. They may stay! I end this Sit-In at ...8.24.
By the way- where's TT, idea anybody?
 -He mumbles something about 'The Wall' and was off -as usual.


  1. Welcome Bartholomew and Cecile , two lovely new members of the CB's, so glad they had a sit in! and let you stay.
    Everyone is looking very comfy cosy in the new bear room, which is look nice and welcoming for all the Cb bears :)

  2. Anne, your bears are GORGEOUS! Every time I see them I want to start collecting bears :)

    1. just do it ... ask Kathryn of Bramberbears for a special 'VW- Bear' :)

  3. Welcome to the bloggy world Cecile and Bartholomew. I'm so glad there will be two more Commoneo bears to add to the fun.

  4. Thanks again for visiting us :)

    Sometimes I think, the bears do have a bit of a very basic democratie? Or is it Socialism?

  5. Glad to see that the two new British Bramber bears, Batholomew and Cecile, have been accepted and given a warm welcome by the others to the Commoneo blog.
    Loved all the positioning (and following interactions) of the bears at the first official meeting in 'the room for one's own!'
    Will more chairs and sleeping accomodation now be needed in there?

  6. Welcome to young Bartholomew and Cecile, what fine upstanding English Bears you are too :)
    And I'm so glad you were voted in to stay with the other Comoneo bears!
    And I agree with Ronny, when I see your bears Digne, I think "oooh I'd like some more bears too, I have some but they are bigger more stand-offish bears who don't like to blog....although I have one who likes the limelight, so maybe he should join the blogging world and introduce himself? We shall see!