19. März 2015


Jetzt fängt bald der Frühling an! Die Vögel singen schon wieder, die wissen das vorher.

Apropos Vogelgesang - hier ist es aber still heute.  -Nach all der Aufregung in letzter Zeit finde ich das mal ganz angenehm!
Du freust dich, dass Sylvester wieder da ist, Crado? Ja, ich auch! Im Bärenzimmer ist es jetzt ganz schön voll? Meinste?


  1. Nice that Spring is coming, even if it's freezing cold here! Love your little tree of Owls.
    Looking forward to seeing how all the bears are getting on in their new room now Sylvester's home... :)

  2. Although we are officially into the Spring season and have the sunshine there is still a cold wind around when outside so haven't seen what the British birds are up to as yet.
    I know that Owls sleep during the day so obvipouisly all is quiet but am wondering what that room is like come nightime when they wake. Are they disturbinging all the household with their 'twit- twoo-ings?'

    Like Denise I'm 'dyiny' to see the bear's new 'Room for one's own!'

    1. I just give up with these translations of my comments that appear here.

    2. Great! This is a good decision, Kendal! Nobody needs translations like that!


    3. I don't know why the translation told us, Bärenzimmer -room for the bears- is a Bärenrestaurant??
      Zimmer is a room, but not a Restaurant.
      And there are more crazy sentences!
      But sometimes I just have to write in my own language
      which I know m u c h better than english.

      Deutsch kann ich echt sehr viel besser... und die deutschen Leser sind ja
      e i g e n t l i c h genausoviele wie die Englischen^^

  3. Freezing cold here too...but your posts always cheer us up Anne !!

  4. It not warm here today, but was before: my bees began to busy flying!

    Thanks Ronny - I so hope this is for you what it is for me :
    a very small, but healthy community, kind of how the real world has to be, but is not.
    I think, I'm not escaping from problems, -but I really need to rest here sometimes.

  5. The translations are not always perfect but it doesn't matter because we all understand one another. Ths is certainly a friendly, relaxing place to visit, Anne and your stories are wonderful!
    Jenni xxx

  6. Am reading this on my phone without translation but your pictures are always a treat. I love the owl tree - another perfect Sasha prop!

  7. I'm unable to get translations today but love seeing your photos just as much :)
    I really like that owl tree, it's pretty and another perfect Sasha prop.
    We are at the coast since Friday and have had rain every day so far, although it's not particularly cold.....and whilst I'm here I'm going to look out for more props for my vinyl kids too :)
    Big hugs xxx

  8. Forgot to say lovely sweater dress :)