27. April 2015

20. April 2015

Oh, there she is!

Marika?! -Juhu!
Oh good to see you...
The audience is gone. Our chocolatebunny is getting out of patience!

 Dear visitors. 

If you are missing me (and I miss you too ♥):

you'll find me at the farthest end of the garden; digging...

10. April 2015

Yes, we kept one easterbunny ...

... and we'd munch it up, once you stopped watching us...

6. April 2015

Eastermonday - a quiet afternoon

Need your pencil!
 I take the orange one instead. -Oops. The stool topples.

Change papers?
Does it work? -No problem.
Can help you.
Why? -Fun!
This is an M. For Mathilda!
And now?
Feeding...  -drawing the easterhare.

4. April 2015

Und nochmal: Osterdekoration.

Na gut. DAS kann da hängen bleiben.
Die andern kommen hierhin...

Bitte! Erik will mithelfen.
Erik kann den Korb halten.
Ein Glück, dass ich Erik habe...
... schon sind wir fertig! -PrimAA!

3. April 2015

Another failed decoration

Well, a wiggy easterbasket, indeed.
We have some very tired easterbears here.
They may keep sleeping. Shhh. -But they don't have to be there. Only eggs and chocolatebunnies!
If they wake up, you teach them what a real easterbasket should look like. And show them another cosy place to sleep...

2. April 2015

Easterdecoration ... with difficulties

Pardon, young Lady ... you just took OUR decoration eastereggs! ....  Oh Markus, we need help...
I'm happy you have fun, but we want to decorate our room ourself!
Ah Mathilda,  I'm eased! See, I can't stop her ...  she doesn't seem to understand.
I try it in german. Liebes kleines Mädchen, bitte lass UNS hier schmücken, ja? Gib mir einfach mal den Korb...
German doesn't work better... -Yep. But she's so busy and content!
If we can't stop her.... we should just wait, Justian. -Really?
And ...DONE! Great! The one pink egg is a message itself: pure understatement!

1. April 2015

Early Easterbunnies

Guess what the girls doing?
No idea...
They are mad. Completely! - WHO? -Our poor girls. -I know! -They should decorate the livingroom...
 ... but they ruined it with eastergras. Looks like a huge easterbasket. And now they professing to be EASTERBUNNIES!