3. April 2015

Another failed decoration

Well, a wiggy easterbasket, indeed.
We have some very tired easterbears here.
They may keep sleeping. Shhh. -But they don't have to be there. Only eggs and chocolatebunnies!
If they wake up, you teach them what a real easterbasket should look like. And show them another cosy place to sleep...


  1. Ah! Bless them and sleeping so soundly that surely we haven't the heart to waken them from their blissful slumber whilst dreaming of that Lindt chocolate bunny!

  2. Those bears will sleep anywhere there's some cosy bedding! They do look comfy, it may be a good while until they wake and you can show them what an Easter baskets meant to be filled with!
    Let's hope you manage to catch them getting out before some of the others get in!! :)

  3. How can they not be allowed to stay there? It is the perfect spot for two sleepy little bears - and there are chocolate snacks next to their paws, too. Perfect!

    Happy Eater, Anne. Thank you for the links you sent via Dee - they were both interesting and helpful. Jenni xxx

    1. Happy Easter Jenni!
      I'm so really happy you understand.

  4. Ssshhhhh don't wake them, put the easter eggs on top.....they'll soon wake up, but they will probably eat them too ;)
    Love it!