27. April 2015



  1. We are the custodians of this plant and should leave it in the best condition for the next custodians who come after us, our children, grand children and their children but while man thinks only of the profit to be made and the people ,only of the things they must own, sadly we will leave problems that our ancestors may not have time to fix.
    Such is the selfishness of man who say's it's not me it's them..it's not my problem, it's theirs, I can do nothing .....but we all can, if by only doing something small here and teaching those who follow us to care and follow ,can we turn this around for from small acorns do great oaks grow .

  2. Unfortunately ALL SO VERY TRUE!

  3. I'm sorry but I cannot see the video, it won't play for me, so am unable to respond. :(
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

  4. Ignore the above comment as I finally was able to see it and it was really very informative, and so true. Sadly. Sad but true. :(

  5. Grusse Gott, Digne:

    Please excuse the spelling, I do not have a German typing program, and it has been so long since I even attempted to write in German that I have no real idea of correct spelling any longer.

    I have been reading your wonderful blog for a while now, and finally decided to subscribe for e-mail updates. I greatly enjoy your blog, both the wonderful stories and pictures and the other more political pieces that you add every now and then.

    My mother is Swiss and before we entered school, my sister and I spoke nothing but Swiss German with her. We also spent 4 years in Germany where we learned more of the German language. Unfortunately, there were no schools that taught German when we returned, and we had long since stopped speaking Swiss German at home. My poor brother never even got that limited experience.

    As a result, though I can read and understand German with almost the same fluency as English, I have lost most of my ability to speak and write it.

    But we must press on. I enjoyed this post. I like this dramatic recitation. It is a message well worth listening to.

    I do hope you will get back to your wonderful Sasha posts again soon. I love the Sasha dolls, ever since my mother gave me my first one for my 5th Birthday, and your collection and stories are delightful. I think my absolute favorite is "Margareth traumt." My mother taught us all about the Christmas Angel, and waiting for her to come was how we celebrated and still celebrate Christmas Eve, every year. Your post was just beautiful. Thank you for the delight that they have provided.

  6. Hello Digne:

    I have tried to leave a comment twice now and seem to be having trouble. I wanted to tell you how much I have been enjoying your blog and that I have subscribed to e-mail updates. I very much look forward to your next post. The dramatic recitation in this post is very effective and has a good and important message for all of us.

    I love your other posts as well. The stories are so charming and lovely, funny and warm and your collection of dolls and toys is lovely. I think my most favorite post was "Margereth traumt." My mother is Swiss and every Christmas Eve was spent waiting for the Christmas Angel to bring the candle-lighted tree and the beautifully wrapped presents. Thank you for the memory. I look forward to the next post.

    If you have received my other posts, and I am just not seeing them, this will all be repetitive, so I apologize, if this is the case.

    1. Dear Elisabeth,
      thanks for commenting and your kind words! So glad you enjoy your visits!

      I'm just c o m p l e t e l y absorbed
      - have to be outside caring for the garden and often the family. No time for Sasha :(
      Hope to made more stories perhaps in atumn...

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