30. Oktober 2015

ღ⊰✿ Intermezzo ♥⊰ღ

"Paola and I just had a break -I was looking forward to my prince-
 until you stepped in with a wolf in your mind. 
No, that wasn't nice at all!
"I'm sorry. I was sure, it was my turn."
  "Annika, you can't really mix up RedHidingHood and SleepingBeauty! 
You have to hear what I'm  reading  voiceover.  
And RedHoods cap looks pretty different than yours. Check it out..."
Dear actors, we don't need another drama.
Play nicely and -move it. We still have a lot to do! 
And btw, my mouth ist NOT horribly big!


  1. Thank goodness ! I was wondering where this tale was ending and No your mouth is not horribly big because you are my favourite... but don't tell the others ;)

  2. What a fabulously hilarious thought out interruption to this story telling.....involving Little Red Ridinghood taking over from Sleeping Beauty! Chuckled at the mention and comparison of the 'hat.' with the original hood. SO very clever. Love your thinking and ideas here!

    Adore all your stunning doll characters, especially the director, your Gotz No-nose girl.
    MORE please.

  3. Yes, they definitely have been enjoying a little of the hard stuff between scenes! LOL
    Maybe some strong black coffee is in order before they go any further.....and bring maybe Hansel and Gretel into the storyline too ;)