24. Oktober 2015

Trendon -and no Chat'nSnap this year

"Hello. Trendon? Are you Trendon?"
OUCH! Sh*t;  the bottlescrate dropped on my toes ... but yes, I am.
And I should not be here, but in GREAT Britain!
At the Chat'nSnap, meeting the other boys!! But nope. Mrs. Digne said: you cannot travel all alone. And she's is still not fit after her common cold. It's her own fault. Why do she have to march and demonstrate in October ...grrmbl.
Anyway, this is why I'm HERE and NOT there. Name and shame!
And this is why we party today. "I see. With alcohol; again?"
Certainly NOT.  - "Mmh -what happend to your hair, Trendon?"
PP- Pure Protest! In german: Wenn man mich gegen den Strich bürstet, dann stehen mir die Haare zu Berge!
"Gone is he. And who are you?"  - I'm Hamish; happy to meet you. 
Phew, these crates are heavy...
Doesn't matter. Wait Trendon, I'm cooooming!
"Crikey! There's a lot going on here!." - Whew! Yes. We party to comfort poor Trendon. Because he's not allowed to travel.
Celebrate with us! Lend a hand with the crate and just follow me...

  Greetings to the visitors of the famous Chat'nSnap

in Great Britain, an Event by the fabulous Dee of SashaVillage.


  1. Sorry you couldn't come and join us at the Chat n Snap. We had a good day. Hope your cold gets better soon.

  2. HOORAYYYY Mrs D is returned !! :) We missed you and the lovely Trendon and were sad that you could not join us this year ! But we hope Mrs D will be well and healthy to come to visit next year at the Chat n Snap.....Now don't drink all that beer boys.. you'll get sore heads! xx

  3. Ohhh bist Du da tatsächlich schon mal dabeigewesen?? Ich guck mir immer ganz sehnsuchtsvoll die Bilder an, aber bin noch gar nicht auf die Idee gekommen da auch mal teilzunehmen: Bedarfserweckung geglückt 😊😊😊
    Schön wieder von Euch zu hören und auch zu sehen!!! Gute Besserung noch
    P.S. Bin im Moment sehr blogfaul aber hin und wieder gibt's mal das ein oder andere Foto all meiner Lieblinge auf Instagram ... falls Du da nicht angemeldet bist ... gibt's hier die "Spanner"version ☺☺☺ http://websta.me/n/saphiraswelt

    1. Nein, war ich noch nicht.

      Hatte aber für dies Jahr Eintritts-Karten gekauft. Blöd, dass ich mich nach dem anstrengenden Sommer dann 'rechtzeitig' flachgelegt habe.
      Aber wir können das Projekt ja für nextes Jahr gemeinsam ins Auge fassen :)

    2. Ja das wäre ja ein schönes Ziel - allerdings sollte ich vorher unbedingt noch ne Bank ausrauben ☺ zu der Anreise müsst ich ja den Mädels noch fast alles abkaufen ☺☺☺
      Aus welcher Ecke Deutschlands kommst Du denn? Ich wohne in Augsburg . Vielleicht ist ein nationales Mini - Chat & Snap bei Dir oder bei mir ne Idee ☺?

  4. Welcome back to blogging Digne - we've missed you!

  5. Thanks so much for kindly welcome me again.
    Just love joining you lovely ladies again via web!

    Huhu Saphira, du einzig aufrechte Deutschsprachige *g

    Seems in summer I'm not able to show you what happens with the CommoneoCrew.
    There are too much reallife out there here...

    1. Ja Du hast recht ... auch im Facebook ist die Sasha Sprache Englisch ... wobei ein paar nette Schweizerinnen dabei sind. Deutsch macht das Kommentieren halt leichter... Der Herr Leo hat sonst immer viel Arbeit mit mir ☺

  6. A HUGE welcome back to my very FAVOURITE blog of all times!
    I just adore the overall minature homely setting where so much action takes place and often wish that I could replicate it here....but never seem to get around to it (....like SO many other things!)

    So sorry that you and your Trendon lad (love that tuft of hair at the top!) couldn't join us at the CnS and meet the other fellow Trendon members but hope that your Summer cold has now passed and his friends and the crate of 'booze' has helped your lad get over his disappointment of not being able to travel to the UK..

    1. Thanks Kendal, I feel so honoured!

      Hopely there will be another chance to see you all in person!

  7. Welcome back Digne, so nice to see you blogging again....sorry to hear about the cold though, stopping you from attending the CnS, but we did think of you whilst there.

    I just realised, seeing that photo on the wall that I took the wrong boy with me to visit the CnS, I thought I'd chosen my Devlin to have the second name of Trendon, where the photos clearly show my Emilio!!! Oooops!!!
    PS Love that lads blond tuft of hair sticking up like that! Don't party too hard boys!!!!!