28. November 2015

Phenomena and Apprehensions

"Oopsie!" - "Oh sorry." - "Never mind. But why could you speek and ..."
  "Did you see perhaps my little sister?" - "No. I'm the only one in here. But who are you then?" - "I'm LITTLE BROTHER of course. Drank to much of that water. The babbling brook, you know? Didn't believe, it can change me to a roebuck. ..."

P U F F 
   "YIKES! Where is he now?"
"Higgeldy-piggeldy! What's wrong with me? Did you see these little red creature AS WELL, or are my nerves totally frayed now?"

❧ Merkwürdig ...

... dass von hunderten DEUTSCHEn Besuchern keiner mal Tach sagt.

26. November 2015


"Finally the biggin ... and you're ready to relax."
"Thanks, RedRH. Tommorow we'll face the next step. Mind the dwarf...bears!"
"Sure. Take care, Paola. Sleep well." - "I'm falling... !"
"Just walk with us, Barthy." - "Yeah! Home again!" - "I need no adventures for the next time."
"Alone at last. Not quite. The cake and the wine are with me. Ahhh!"
"Alone at last! Bears in their room. No obligations. Only a good book to read. Propping up my feet, leaning the head on, just breathing ... chrrr..."

Pssst! Hush! Silence!

Only very noiseless comments today, please!

25. November 2015

Desperation and Bedding

"Don't fall in despair, Paola!" - "Yes, never say die!" - "Don't give up on life!"
"This is a really challenging task. You just need a rest. Perhaps think about delegating work"
 "See, RedHH tucks Grandma to bed." - "I never read about this." - "Must be a modern tale." - "Less aggressive, more social?" -"Less foolish men, more smart women!"  - "I'm quite able to live without any gendered aberances ..."

23. November 2015

Cupboard and Chaos

"Oh, grandmother, what a horribly big mouth you have! " - OFFvoice: "All the better to eat you with!" - "... Lion, you must eat me now, but not really." - ["Here I am, mother, here, in the clock case." - "STOP talking, weirdo!" - "No! Not moving, stay calm ..."]


   R U M B L E  
♻ ⚠ ♹

OUTCH! Weia! AuWeh!
"Hej, whats going on here?! 7 bears in the cupboard?
"BEARS?" - "Are be ourselves again?" - "No kids, no mother goat?"
WUFF! - "Lion!" - "YOU are the WOLF?" - "Wuffwuff!"
"STOP stop! What a huddle! The 7 SnowWhite bears in Red Riding Hood? Never!  Another broken fairytale." - "Red Hiding Hood? Ah, I thought it was The Wolf and the seven young kids. But ok, there's no goat, but  a red cap..." - "...Boo-Hoo ..."

21. November 2015

The wolf ... and just another visitor

"Here's little Red Riding Hood. I'm bringing you some cake and wine. Open the door for me." - ["We will not open the door!! ... I could see it coming!" - "sshSSHHH!"]
"Oh, my God, why am I so afraid? I usually like it at grandmother's."
"Oh, grandmother, what big ears you have!" -OFFvoice: "All the better to hear you with."
"Oh, grandmother, what big eyes you have!" -OFFvoice: "All the better to see you with."
"Oh, grandmother, what big hands you have!" -OFFvoice: "All the better to grab you with!"
["Ceci, shut the door!" - "But Rattie just loved to be stroked...." - "IN HERE!"]

19. November 2015

The wolf ?

"If someone come and say: 'Your dear mother has come home, and brought you each something from the wood.' We have to say: NO ..." - "I said HUSH. There are more tales with wolfs in it." - "Haensel and Gretel!"
  -"No, there's a witch, not a wolf ..." - There's an old woman, not a witch." - "Is it not the same thing? Old women and witches?" - "Yes, they're beginning with a W." - "Wolf too."  - "NO."  *sigh* - "SURE, it's a W."
"Stop claptrapping. Let's think instead." - "There's a wolf IN A BED. Could be Red Hiding Hood." - "Sshhhhh, I hear footsteps..."
"Lion! Great, you're abed!"
"Sharon told us to be carefully, because perhaps you don't want to stay outside later. But I hope you'll manage that!"
"No red cap. No Red Riding Hood." -  "Keep quiet und move in!!"

18. November 2015

The wolf and the seven ... ?

 "Ok, we are obviously home again now, but where's Paola and Snow White?" - "... please, I need a rest ..."
"I'm done for..." - "Me too." - "I want to be back to our fairy tale."
"AHHH! W O L F ... big bad ... weird ... watching us!"
"H E L P !"
"QUICK. The cupboard. Walk-in!"
"SECURE  the door!!"
"Are we ...  in another tale?" - "The wolf and the seven young kids!" - "Oh NO!" - "We will not open the door; our mother has no black paws like you; you must be the wolf." - "Hush!"

17. November 2015

Nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could ...

Aus Gewalt ist noch nie etwas Gutes entstanden.  

Wir hier sind gegen jede Art von Krieg. 

Übrigens auch gegen den von Regierungen gegen die eigene Bevölkerung.

“I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; 

the evil it does is permanent.” -Mahatma Gandhi



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14. November 2015

No more ⚒

"That doesn't matter. No-Prince-Charming really likes No-Feather."
"Ah, here you are again..." -  WHAT happens ?!" - "As soon as we are out of sight, you're finishing the tale alone?!" - "It is written..." - "Just a moment, Paola!"
"This seems to be kinda 'natural' good ending. We don't have to produce a faithful reproduktion, don't we? Think about it!" -"Mhmm. Perhaps you're right, I'm not sure, but it's possible."
   "Oh, we forgot introducing ourselves: I'm Otto!" -  "Pleasure, I'm Leon 'No-Prince' Goetz." -  "I'm Paola and ... by the way, did anyone see our dwarfs?"
"No idea, where they ended up." - "7 dwarfs, lost in space?"
"Quit joking, if they are in trouble we must find them." - "But this is another story."

13. November 2015

⚒ x 5

"Prince ..."
"Excuse me? My name is Goetz. Leon Goetz! Wait. You can't see properly. Let me help you." - "No Prince...?"
  "Certainly not!" - "Who ARE you then?" 
"I read about a girl, who lies in a breadbasket, wrapped in foil. Think it was at THE VILLAGE."
"Didn't believe it. Wanted to see this with my own eyes."
"Your name is Fia?" - "Yes, but I'm SnowWhite at the moment." - "May I help you getting off the table, Fia Snowwhite?"
"You are truly not a feather, Fia." - "You are truly not charming, Leon."