4. November 2015

⚒⚒⚒ ... ⚒⚒⚒

" ... pfff... mumbl... cough" - "Airholes! AIRHOLES!"
"On the way...!" - "Wouuh, what are you doing with the knife?!" - "Duh, ...airholes." - "Be CAREFUL!!"
"Good job. Now. Hand me the knife... slowly ..." - "Ok ok! ... Dwarfs! On the bench, please. Grieving!"
"Why should we grieve and mourn? I don't feel depressed."
"It is written ... here in the fairy tale. The dwarfs do want Snow White all alive and DON'T love to see her in the glass coffin!"
*sniff... iffiff*... *weeeep* ... I'm not good in yammering and lamenting, because Fia is still alive." - "This is SNOW WHITE and she took a bite of the poisoned apple." - "Really?" -" ... *sigh*

>> Mrs.Digne says 'Tschüss' to you all

and is off to a weekend at the sea.

Fairy can wait :)


  1. Come back come back Mrs Digne - Snowhite can't wait!
    Oh dear bears find a prince quick!!!

    1. ... we are very busy searching for that prince.... thanks so much for stopping by anyway!

  2. Well that's a bit mean leaving us with this 'cliff-hanger' whilst you go off enjoying yourself by the sea.for the weekend.
    Pleased though that the air holes now in place will hopefully let Snow White breath and so live until you get back and can continue the fairytale..... but it's going to seem a very long time for the seven Dwarfs to grieve and mourn.

    PS. Whilst this blog still gets my 100+% approval of excellence their Sasha Doll mother has vastly slipped down the scale today!

    1. ...now the only thing I could do is to sit down and recieve my poor grade.

      (This reminds my on Ephraim Kishon, who wrotes a great satire about a critic,
      who step by step dismantles a writer.)
      I nevertheless do hope very much, you'll keep watching us to the bitter end... ;)

  3. Thank goodness they put some air holes in for Fia! Love that the bear/dwarfs did not feel depressed so did not want to weep but then do as they are told.:)

    I hope someone lets Snow white aka Fia out while you are away enjoying yourself at the sea this weekend, I'd hate to think of her having to survive on one bite of a Poison apple all weekend.

    Looking forward to watch comes next.... :) xx have a nice weekend :)

    1. Oh Dee, your compassion is exorbitand
      (I wonder if this is a english word, I'm afraid it is not!)

      Perhaps poisonapples having a long durability -äh-
      no, I can't think in this dimensions :)

  4. When I saw those crossed hammers at the tope of this post I thought maybe you supported the same football team as my family and I, West Ham United!!! As their symbol is also crossed hammers, just like those!
    I'm glad that some holes have been made in the plastic, that poor girl must have been suffocating!
    Have a lovely time away this weekend....see you soon!

    1. Thanks for your empathy!
      I don't know WEST HAM UNITED! so far.
      So sorry! Always happy closing gaps in my knowlegde.
      Hope they (WHU ⚒) doing good this year?

    2. LOL Yes very good so far!!! They're 6th from the top of the English Premiership! They are called the Hammers or the Irons too as they were founded in 1895 by the Thames Ironworks who built, amongst other things, the last warships to be launched on the river Thames!

  5. Hi Ho---o----o----o!
    Those dwarves are very handsome. Would not Snow White accept a kiss from one of them? Princes are in short supply ........ and I much prefer bears to men wearing tights.

    1. *lol* that's a good idea - imho -
      but I'm afraid the others are still waiting for THE prince.
      Never mind of short supplies -and what a tale.

      Seems princes are hopeless essential for ladies *g