9. November 2015

Breaking News

  May I introduce:

  ♥ Remus Wolf, born on the 7. November...

As you know, Mrs. Digne jun. was pregnant and here visiting her parents and sister, helping her mum with the Commoneos and  staying just a little longer.
Mrs.Digne and Mr.Digne then went for their meeting with the northern sea  - and immediately little Remus decided he has to see the world NOW, ...wich means 3 weeks to early -and not at the place his parents lives usually.
But he has 3300gr. and 50cm, wich is fairly enough. He loves drinking his mothers milk and hates having his diapers changed.
 A really nice addition to our clan ♥


  1. Congratulations and jubilations on the birth of your new little grandson, Remus.
    So pleased to hear that he is a good weight and height in spite of his three week early arrival. Wishing him and his family a very happy, healthy and well loved life.

  2. I see your little Prince as arrived! :) Congratulations to Mrs Digne Jun on the safe arrival of Prince Remus Wolf, who knew his Grandmother should have stayed home... to finish the tale so he decided to start his own fairy tale :)
    What a lovely surprise for you all :)

  3. Oh my goodness a big ENHORABUENA for you and your family for this handsome addition to the Commoneos Clan, Mrs Digne! And thank you for sharing this beautiful photo and your joy with us! Big hugs from Sharon in Spain xxxx

  4. Thanks so much, lovely Ladies >> you know, you are the greatest virtual friends ever!
    Greetings from the young mother,
    who loves to read your comments :)

  5. Such a sweet little guy, obviously wanting to get out early to enjoy more time with his family. Congratulations!