25. November 2015

Desperation and Bedding

"Don't fall in despair, Paola!" - "Yes, never say die!" - "Don't give up on life!"
"This is a really challenging task. You just need a rest. Perhaps think about delegating work"
 "See, RedHH tucks Grandma to bed." - "I never read about this." - "Must be a modern tale." - "Less aggressive, more social?" -"Less foolish men, more smart women!"  - "I'm quite able to live without any gendered aberances ..."


  1. Just loving these comments by the little bears as to this more modern take on the Red Riding Hood activites! There are unfortunately some people who will never delegate jobs preferring to do everything themselves.....Luckliy I'm NOT one of those folks! I've always delegated where-ever possible.... but keep a close eye and check that there are getting done and to my high standard! (Couldn't have coped with teaching all those years if I hadn't!)

  2. LOL another great post, this is a very modern take on a traditional fairy tale, I love it!

  3. Another great post on this wonderful wander through the land of Fairy tales! Paola does need a rest after all the mashing up of her lovely play.
    I love how the bears keep chatting about what's happening and giving their opinions.
    Look forward to the next installment :)xx