2. November 2015

Halloween afterglow

"Ok - I'll carry the spider to the basement,
you take the sheep to the stable and Stine is rolling up the tie.
Paola ask us to be busy. They want to continue the FairyTale-Projekt."
    "And I'm turning the calendar page! 
    It's November now. Time is rattling round very quickly! "
*quotation from Dee of SashaVillage


  1. LOL :) It's very good that they are tidying up the Halloween things, The Fairy Tale Project needs to continue.. after all Time is rattling round.. :) lol

  2. Good to see all those helping hands tidying up after the one day/evening event. Rather wished that they could be here too to help as I still haven't put everything back away from the Cn'S!
    Right... back to the next chapter of Sleeping Beauty!

  3. Gosh you have those kids well trained, I wish mine were so good to put things away after them! They just leave everything everywhere!! ;)

  4. Ja ... weg mit der Helloween Deko ... her mit der Pre-Adventsstimmung 😊. Hier mogelt sich auch schon der ein oder andere Stern zwischen die Kastanien und Kürbisse 😊😊😊 Bin immer noch angetan von den Lamperln