3. November 2015

⚒ Heigh ho - heigh ho ⚒

♫ Wir sind die sieben Zwerge, Halli Hallo ... ♬ - "No Cecile, I think you should NOT sit in that trolley."
"Wrong direction, ..." -  "The thing is, we're suppose to be SEVEN dwarfs."
"Why?  I'm not even a dwarf!"
"Do WE look like genuine dwarfs? Obviously we're acting! Paola needs seven dwarfs. For SnowWhite." - "Mmh."
"What made her think, we are the perfect fit?" - "Who knows. Matter of fact: we are SEVEN."
"Very well then. But only if I'm at the very front.." - ♫ Heigh ho heigh ho, it's off from work we go ... ♬

Written with much-appreciated support by Mrs.Digne jun. who has slightly more english know how than Mrs. Digne.


  1. Hehe wonder which fairy tale the 7 are heading off to??!

  2. Has the Sleeping Beauty fairytale finished early then, missing out the last chapter, since we are now onto Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? Was rather waiting to see just who became the prince.

    Have these little bears chosen which characters (Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, Dozey, Bashful, Doc and Sneezy) they are representing yet?
    Loving all, this! More please.

  3. It looks like we'll be seeing all the fairy tales mixed into a new modern Commoneo version! I love these seven little bears pretending to be seven dwarf's ! Heigh Ho Heigh Ho it's off to work they go... wonderful

  4. Brilliant! The perfect seven dwarfs! I'm a little confused with all the mixing of Fairy Tales but enjoying it immensly, and those bears are just too cute!

  5. Many thanks again :)

    I'm sorry if the fairy-challenge confusing you too much!
    (Perhaps it's a free braintraining?)

  6. Bin immer wieder begeistert über die Möglichkeit in der deutschen Sprache Wörter zu "erfinden": Zwergbären - Bärenzwerge ... hihi
    So lieb - Deine Fotos!!!