4. November 2015

⚒⚒ Heigh ho - heigh ho ⚒⚒

"Technically we would now be in need of a glas coffin." - "Not in stock!" - "What the hell are they using instead?" - " Breadbasket!" - "I wonder where the crumbles went." - "Uh, that doesn't look comfortable at all!"
"Seems quite authentic."
"No tricks!!" - Certainly NOT!"
"They're wrapping her in clingfilm!" - "Close to the head ..." - "What about fresh air?" - "Ah, she's holding her breath." - "How long?"
"... oH!"


  1. Love the seven bears giving us commentary on whats happening over in another area! Love when they say their using a bread basket because there are no glass coffins in stock!! Lol
    and where are the crumbs ! I am so loving this fairy tale epic... I just hope snow white does not need hospital treatment from not being able to breath while wrapped in clingfilm!!
    cannot wait to see the next installment.... xxx

  2. Thanks so much for joining us.
    We all here had a lot of fun - äh - perhaps not Fia,
    wrapped in clingfilm from head to toe.

    We hope there will be a prince at the end, but I can't see him so far...

  3. Where on earth do you get all your wonderful ideas from !!!!! Love this post and the bears telling us what's happening.
    I'm a bit worried about poor Snow White being wrapped in cling film though, I hope she's able to breathe....we don't want any accidents and trips to the Accident and Emergency room at the hospital, that's for sure!!! ;)

  4. Hahaha just read Dee's comment, we are both on the same wavelength here!!!!

  5. What an absolutely fabulous TAKE on this Fairytale.

    Superb start with just the bite out of that apple sitting on the chair prompting our rememberances of this tale to put us back into the picture of the wicked stepmother in disguise encouraging Snow White to take a bite out of the rosy red poisoned apple.

    Fabulous improvisation of the bread basket and cling film instead of the glass coffin prop.(though all very worrying after all those constant health and safety warnings of the use of polythene bags etc!)

    Am literally glued to this screen impatiently waiting for the next chapter.......

  6. Na wenn frau das Märchen kennt, muss sie sich ja keine Sorgen machen. DER APFEL STECKT im Hals und Schneewittchen atmet grad eh nicht. Es wäre vielleicht noch eine Feuchtikeitsmaske angebracht - soll ja Wunder wirken unter Folie :0) Naja obwohl - wenn Prinz Charming sie dann sooo sehen würde ... geht er vielleicht wieder ;0)