28. November 2015

❧ Merkwürdig ...

... dass von hunderten DEUTSCHEn Besuchern keiner mal Tach sagt.


  1. wir lieben, zu kommen in einen Blog in den Wintermonaten zu sehen, wenn Sie Zeit, um uns inspirieren :) Ihre Geschichten und Fotos sind wunderbar und uns mit Glück zu haben.
    Wir sind traurig, wenn Sie gehen, um das Leben in der realen Welt leben, aber wissen, werden Sie zurück ist etwas zu freuen.

  2. Thanks so much, Dee.
    If there are an award for lovely comments, you have to get it immediately. Perhaps we have to create one? ... No. I don't think so. Awards are mostly abused only for getting more clicks -and we doesn't need such tricks.

    Perfekt german :) I'm pretty sure, this is what you see, if I'm always writing in my german schoolenglish with embedded particles of dict.cc/LEO/Linguee.
    I understand all and it sounds funny. In my humble opinion it is refreshing reading the own language in a foreign version. Äh -kind of.

  3. Google translate is a wondrous thing! lol I just have to hope it's German makes sense because I would have no idea! I could be saying my mother was a snow blower.... ( Love that film :) ) x

    1. If you re-translate it, you get an idea.
      It's soo lovely. Thankyou so much ;)

  4. I'm sorry that I cannot write in German (well not without the use of google translate!) but maybe I can write my comment in Spanish instead? :)
    My dear hubby can speak and read German, maybe he should comment on her for me :)

  5. Dee, what you said about your mother being a snowblower, reminds me of when Terry Wogan used to compere the Eurovision Song Contest, he made me laugh so much when he pretended to be translating the songs that weren't sung in English. I remember one where he was saying "I have lost the wheel from my wheelbarrow...." I remember thinking it was hilarious at the time! ;)