14. November 2015

No more ⚒

"That doesn't matter. No-Prince-Charming really likes No-Feather."
"Ah, here you are again..." -  WHAT happens ?!" - "As soon as we are out of sight, you're finishing the tale alone?!" - "It is written..." - "Just a moment, Paola!"
"This seems to be kinda 'natural' good ending. We don't have to produce a faithful reproduktion, don't we? Think about it!" -"Mhmm. Perhaps you're right, I'm not sure, but it's possible."
   "Oh, we forgot introducing ourselves: I'm Otto!" -  "Pleasure, I'm Leon 'No-Prince' Goetz." -  "I'm Paola and ... by the way, did anyone see our dwarfs?"
"No idea, where they ended up." - "7 dwarfs, lost in space?"
"Quit joking, if they are in trouble we must find them." - "But this is another story."


  1. I was rather expecting a true rendering of the official ending to this mixture of the fairytales... BUT guess that I will have to be content with this 'natural' finish of events if everyone else is happy....and which will allow us to now to send out a search party for those seven missing dwarves.
    Seems to be all go over there at the moment !

    1. But if you are not - not 'anyone' is happy.
      We have to try making you happy as well. Let us think about, Kendal :)

  2. So sweet to have a natural ending to this mish mash of fairy talles BUT whats happened to the seven Dwarf bears? could this be another tale in the making..... :) we so hope so.... :)

  3. Loved the funny ending - much more unexpected!
    But where are those dwarfs?