17. November 2015

Nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could ...

Aus Gewalt ist noch nie etwas Gutes entstanden.  

Wir hier sind gegen jede Art von Krieg. 

Übrigens auch gegen den von Regierungen gegen die eigene Bevölkerung.

“I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; 

the evil it does is permanent.” -Mahatma Gandhi



To Paris, From Pakistan
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Posted by House of Lolz on Sonntag, 15. November 2015


  1. Perfect song for such a sad state of affairs. No one as the right to kill for whatever reason

  2. I love this song and yes it is perfect for your sentiments.
    Violence, violence, violence, when will there every be peace? I thought that the First World War was referred to as "the war to end all wars".......well we all know that wasn't true. And still more and more wars, it never goes away. :(

    1. Many thanks for sharing the vid of 'House of Lolz' on FB, Sharon!

  3. Anne are we contacts on Facebook?
    If not, we should be!
    I thought these young men should get heard, so many people see Muslim people in a negative light, we so want and need to change that opinion. Xxx

    1. We are :) I'm Kristin Lavransdottir there.
      Yes, you're right.
      And all our governments tell the media to point at the refugees/Muslim as the initiators of any terror.
      This is a lie and a crime. They payd for it to get the people in fear and preparing us for their war.

      It's a crime as well opening our borders, invite a n y o n e -and leave us all alone with the enormous problems now.
      Not all of them are really refugees and most of them are young men without their families. The youth welfare offices are unable to cope with the situation.

      I don't understand Merkels intention, but it is not humanity.
      We, the people and any needy, were never before her potential target audience. So why now!