23. November 2015

Cupboard and Chaos

"Oh, grandmother, what a horribly big mouth you have! " - OFFvoice: "All the better to eat you with!" - "... Lion, you must eat me now, but not really." - ["Here I am, mother, here, in the clock case." - "STOP talking, weirdo!" - "No! Not moving, stay calm ..."]


   R U M B L E  
♻ ⚠ ♹

OUTCH! Weia! AuWeh!
"Hej, whats going on here?! 7 bears in the cupboard?
"BEARS?" - "Are be ourselves again?" - "No kids, no mother goat?"
WUFF! - "Lion!" - "YOU are the WOLF?" - "Wuffwuff!"
"STOP stop! What a huddle! The 7 SnowWhite bears in Red Riding Hood? Never!  Another broken fairytale." - "Red Hiding Hood? Ah, I thought it was The Wolf and the seven young kids. But ok, there's no goat, but  a red cap..." - "...Boo-Hoo ..."


  1. Just loving these 'muddled-up' fairytales! Even now I'm really having to think very hard and try to remember which characters belong to which story!
    So far we've had 'takes' from Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood. Have I missed any out....and did we get a quick shot, or mention, of Hansel and Gretel and Rapunzel somewhere along the line?

  2. LOVE the bears falling out the cupboard in a bundle of fur! So brilliant ! Love the muddled fairy tales and the poor director sobbing because it's all going wrong ! Poor child, I feel for her trying to control that group of bossy bears and non listening children :)

  3. LOL my goodness, I have no idea which fairytale I'm in or whether this is actually a new one altogether, there is so much going on that it could even be an action movie! ;)
    Enjoying every post!