28. November 2015

Phenomena and Apprehensions

"Oopsie!" - "Oh sorry." - "Never mind. But why could you speek and ..."
  "Did you see perhaps my little sister?" - "No. I'm the only one in here. But who are you then?" - "I'm LITTLE BROTHER of course. Drank to much of that water. The babbling brook, you know? Didn't believe, it can change me to a roebuck. ..."

P U F F 
   "YIKES! Where is he now?"
"Higgeldy-piggeldy! What's wrong with me? Did you see these little red creature AS WELL, or are my nerves totally frayed now?"


  1. Goodness! Strange things are happening ..... did we imagine the little roebuck? or was he there! I need to lie down...

  2. Oh poor little girl, I think she must be so tired that she fell asleep in the armchair and dreamed that she met a little red deer that could speak with her! I think you need to go to bed little one and get some proper rest......soon you will be thinking that you know a bunch of bears who can ALSO speak with you! ;)

  3. Obviously a case of 'Now you see it, now you don't!' Happens to all of us now and then!

  4. Oh ho - there's magic here, spilling from all the fairy tales?!