12. November 2015

The BIG confusion

"Look what I've found! What is it?" - "Is this really a part of 'Snow White'?"
"I'm confused." - "Don't care. Looks rather big and scary. We should probably bind it. Just in case..." - "That sounds strangely familiar." - "Why does 'Gulliver' suddenly pops up in my head?"
"Guys, Guys, Guys!"
"This is a human baby. You NEVER tie up a sweetly baby! Over my dead body!" - "OK, boys..." - "Seems we got into the wrong story ..." - "Beat a retreat."


No baby was harmed during this photoshoot and the mealtimes were strictly observed.


The Making-Of


  1. What an adorably delightful post is this centered around your newborn baby grandson, Remus.
    Love how those little Bears have all gathered around, with a few on top of him, and then thinking that they were in the midst of a Gulliver story, threatened to bind him to keep themselves safe. Luckily in the nick of time Little Miss Pinky informed them that this was not a giant but a real life baby boy who could do them no harm.
    Just adore your thinking and the intermixing of the fairytales.

  2. Oh my goodness this is just WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful photos of the lovely lovely baby Remus, he's adorable with his green suit and hat! And him feeding too, what a really lovely photo.
    Thank you so much Mrs D for this post, made my day!
    PS And of course thanks to the little bears too, I'm glad that they didn't tie the little baby up! xxx

    1. Dear Sharon,
      I noticed these socks are not matching and the hat is too big -and it hurts me :)
      But as Remus was born here -and not were all his clothes are,
      our stock wasn't big enough to dress him more perfect...

  3. He's just perfect. Congratulations to you and your family. Thanks for the story and pictures.

  4. Wonderful ! What a darling baby Remus is and so good to sleep while the bears and mum and Grandma played :) He looks a love healthy size despite his early arrival :)
    and good to know he did not have to miss his meal time due to those bears thinking to tie him like Gulliver.. wonderful , to see the baby, to see the bears and to see mum , thanks for sharing :)

  5. Hello there!
    Thanks so much for being visible in your comments.
    My daughter read them for Remus and her husband and they were both delighted!

    It was fun -and Remus is such a calm and relaxed baby ... so far ;)