18. November 2015

The wolf and the seven ... ?

 "Ok, we are obviously home again now, but where's Paola and Snow White?" - "... please, I need a rest ..."
"I'm done for..." - "Me too." - "I want to be back to our fairy tale."
"AHHH! W O L F ... big bad ... weird ... watching us!"
"H E L P !"
"QUICK. The cupboard. Walk-in!"
"SECURE  the door!!"
"Are we ...  in another tale?" - "The wolf and the seven young kids!" - "Oh NO!" - "We will not open the door; our mother has no black paws like you; you must be the wolf." - "Hush!"


  1. lol so funny ! Love the 'wolf' Lion in the bed with the grandma hat ! Now the poor bear dwarf's are hiding in cupboard! How will try escape the big bad wolf whose taking forty winks in the nice comfy bed?? ..... :)

  2. With all this 'jumping' from tale to tale I'm finding myself questioning to exactly which fairytale (Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White and the Severn Dwarves?) the post is about and am I remembering the tale's endings correctly at my old age!
    Love watching all those seven little Bear Dwarves trying to hide from Grandma Wolf in the wardrobe! So sweet!
    (We too have a dog exactly like yours only ours is permently in a sitting position!)

    1. Dear Kendal;
      perhaps it isn't necessary to follow the exact tale, if you enjoying the photos?
      I do need some brush-up (I love this language :) before. If you are interested
      here is my 'link to tales' -english version:

      Finally I want to apologise: I'm pretty sure, my texts sounding very german -and weird. (My daughter told me again and again :)
      But I really like searching for the (hopefully) right words, even though they are possibly not correct - and hopefully you are finally able to understand...

  3. Yikes - what will the seven do now?
    Did the wolf eat grandma? Does he also eat bears?
    Where will the story lead now?

  4. I'm really enjoying your fairytales! :-)

  5. So happy, you have fun :)

    I don't know myself where the whole thing is going to.
    Ah no - sure we know:
    there is Christmas coming soon, stopping all that nonsense...

  6. I love this latest installment!
    But hey, it's not going to turn into The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is it? I mean all you really need now is a witch! ;)

    1. Sharon, this is a great idea. We need a witch!
      I don't know that tale, but witch is good *g

      I got a red hat now, for little Red Hiding Hood. Seems I now have to do a witch costume... mmh. Do I need another 'Brother' as well?