19. November 2015

The wolf ?

"If someone come and say: 'Your dear mother has come home, and brought you each something from the wood.' We have to say: NO ..." - "I said HUSH. There are more tales with wolfs in it." - "Haensel and Gretel!"
  -"No, there's a witch, not a wolf ..." - There's an old woman, not a witch." - "Is it not the same thing? Old women and witches?" - "Yes, they're beginning with a W." - "Wolf too."  - "NO."  *sigh* - "SURE, it's a W."
"Stop claptrapping. Let's think instead." - "There's a wolf IN A BED. Could be Red Hiding Hood." - "Sshhhhh, I hear footsteps..."
"Lion! Great, you're abed!"
"Sharon told us to be carefully, because perhaps you don't want to stay outside later. But I hope you'll manage that!"
"No red cap. No Red Riding Hood." -  "Keep quiet und move in!!"


  1. Love this tale and love the photo in the dark of the cupboard and their claptrapping! :) and that's a lovely head of red hair on that lass! :)

  2. Absolutely FANTASTIC! Just adore the darkened inside the wardrobe pictures and the final one of one dear little bear putting his head around the door to check the bedroom's terrain.

  3. Did you know you've got mice? I think you'll need to get a cat - don't think wolves or bears are any good at catching them!

  4. Thanks so much, lovely ladies!

    And yes, we need witches and cats here. Let me think about to get them into the story *g
    But Rattie belongs to that room since the beginning, I hope she'll stay alive ...

  5. Oooooh nearly missed this post!
    Love the photos of the bears inside the wardrobe in the dark!
    How do you think up all these ideas!!!!