11. November 2015

☛ The wolf stepped inside, went straight to the grandmother's bed, and ate her up.☚

"Lion, up! ... jump into the bed; up!"
"You are THE WOLF, Lion. You have to jump and stay in the bed, eating Granny and her grandchild. UP!!" - "Don't snoop around, JUMP!" - "... nothing."
"Ooh. I see! Lion is usually not allowed to jump in beds, so he doesn't understand why he suddenly has to."
"Poor Lion. Totally confused?  Perhaps we have to try Clickertraining, using positive Reinforcement! "
"Can you tell Paola -please- we desperately need some more time training Lion to be a perfect wolf for Red Riding Hood?"


  1. perhaps a wolf mask for Lion would help.

  2. Such fun! Feeling quite sorry for Lion being so confused by now being asked to do what he has previously been told/taught not to dol
    Therefore good that time is being taken out for retraining purposes.

  3. Poor Lion ! If you teach him to jump on the bed for the tale once the tale is over and he jumps on the bed he'll be in trouble!! Maybe you should send those pesky bears out to find a BIG BAD wolf to come and eat grandma!! :)

  4. Oh oh, once you get him to jump on that bed there'll be no going back, let me tell you! I know, I have to 'share' my bed on a regular basis with three small dogs who take up more than half of the bed leaving me with a sliver at the side that I cling on to for dear life! Getting Lion on to that bed is NOT a good plan of action!!!! ;)