13. November 2015

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"Prince ..."
"Excuse me? My name is Goetz. Leon Goetz! Wait. You can't see properly. Let me help you." - "No Prince...?"
  "Certainly not!" - "Who ARE you then?" 
"I read about a girl, who lies in a breadbasket, wrapped in foil. Think it was at THE VILLAGE."
"Didn't believe it. Wanted to see this with my own eyes."
"Your name is Fia?" - "Yes, but I'm SnowWhite at the moment." - "May I help you getting off the table, Fia Snowwhite?"
"You are truly not a feather, Fia." - "You are truly not charming, Leon."


  1. LOL.................... LOVE IT especially the last part XXX

    1. Dee, I had to ask the men in the family, ...they are less romantic.
      I was finally DH, who helped me out *gg -

  2. Antworten
    1. ...another great word. Thanks Julie :)
      ( I had to look at the Dict. = saukomisch?!)

  3. Oh dear! Things are obviously NOT going to plan here!
    Might we be asked of how to get rid of an unwanted Prince?

  4. Brilliant, I LOVE IT!!!!
    Soooo cute!