17. Dezember 2015

A Christmas Carol *3

"I  fall asleep again. But what a story! I dreamed about a terrific ghost, ... or was it real ... perhaps a slight disorder of the stomach only?"
"12 o'clock. And no further ghost manifesting."
"I'm eased, but ... still ... tired..."

"D O I N G" "ONE o'clock already. Time is rattling round."

>> spoooook <<

“Who, and what are you? Are you the Spirit, Sir, whose coming was foretold to me?” - 
“Yes. I am the Ghost of Christmas Past.”-
“Long Past?” -
“No. Your past.” 

Many thanks to Charles Dickens, who -as everybody knows - is the author of the original "Ghost Story of Christmas":


  1. Hoping that this isn't going to give ME nightmares tonight as already having trouble sleeping with getting up several times asnd then needing snacks of hot Ribena and biscuits to settle me back down.
    Loving his PJs and dressing gown!

  2. Loving this Christmas Carol :) and I love the little cuckoo style clock , you find the best props! :)xx

  3. Ohhh - your ghost sends shivers down my spine!
    The cuckoo clock is just wonderful.

  4. You're just to lovely, Ladies.

    It is interesting reading this Dickenscarol again.
    Not easy to reduce it to its essentials, -because setting the whole story is much to complex.

    I also read about how to make the genuine very british Plumpudding and Mince Pies and Brandybutter.

  5. Brilliant, I wonder what will happen next!
    Funnily enough, last night I had the weirdest dream and in it there was a ghost of a person, but this person wasn't a nice ghost...not at all....the dream has faded now but I remember that it wasn't a good dream at all.