13. Dezember 2015

A Christmas Carol ?

"Who lost the key here and whats up with this treasure chest?"
" Anyway ... Hey! Don't turn off the light!"

Knock KNOCK ... rattle, clatter...

"I just don't see..."
" -- WhAaAaah!-- "
“I am here to-night to warn you, that you have yet a chance and hope of escaping my fate. A chance and hope of my procuring, Ebenezer."   

"You will be haunted by Three Spirits. Expect the first to-morrow, when the bell tolls One.”


Nemsi the cat, was very interested in the 'chain' of Marleys ghost.

Many thanks to Charles Dickens, who -as everybody knows - is the author of the original "Ghost Story of Christmas":


  1. Haha loved your cat joining in with the action!
    Looking forward to the rest of the story...

  2. Thanks Rosie! ;)

    I have no idea so far how to continue,
    but I'm afraid it will be not as Dickens designated it.

  3. Yet another amazing idea in the making. Fantastic ideas just seem to keep on pouring from your brain! So much pure pleasure for me!
    Adore the lighting effects here! Even I'm a little afraid and fearful for what's about to happen.
    Love the cat's part.

    1. The cat actually want me to feed him. While waiting, he teased me with miaouing -then trying to join us. As a lead character, of course.

      I undertake NOT to show blommers on heads. But I'm not sure with the rest of the story. Just hope not to get a demerit :)

  4. Wonderful! A Christmas Carol... ghosts and the past and the future, so looking forward..and back.. to how this will play out!

    Love the cat joining in the fun.. :)

    1. Thanks Dee :)
      You see, just as I thought, these Pyjamas are a musthave -YOU got and showed them. So I have to wait some time. Don't want you to think I'm copying. Seems we got similar ideas some time :)

  5. Brilliant so far! I love the atmospherics and wonder what on earth will happen next!
    LOVE your little cat trying to get in on the act!!!

  6. I love your stories - and this looks to be a good one!