3. Dezember 2015



See, today it's the 2 day of Advent.
So we open the window with the TWO.  Here we have a lovely hare -and a star.
Tomorrow we'll open the third window, geddit?


... and today:

*Drumroll*  ...  a snowman and a christmastree !


  1. What a lovely post, you take such sweet photos and they get straight to the point....they're so cute too and so is your sweet pouty faced 'button nose' and her little dollies :)

  2. We all love the Christmas Advent Calendars that carefully count the days until the 25th. (Even I have been sent one, a Thornton's, The Snowman and his Snowdog, and containing their chocolates no less. Fatal!)
    I always got my young daughter a calendar (but in those days they just consisted of little numbered windows in various designs but with no treats included.). One year knowing about her mounting excitment on Christmas Eve, which would never allow her to settle off to sleep when put to bed, I naughtedly decided to actually start her calendar opening a day late (so each numbered day would basically in real life be the day before). SO when it was really Christmas Eve she thought that there was still a day to go and so settled down to sleep early not realising that Christmas Day was the very next morning. Yes, rather 'naughty but very NICE' for ME!
    This worked well for the next couple of years until there was 'no more pulling the wool over her eyes!'