11. Dezember 2015

... after the photo op ☆

"Let's get out of here!" - "Never again." - "This is ridiculous!"
"WINGS for bears!" - " First dwarfs, then kids, and now: angels? OUTCH!" - " Are we Chameleons?
"Now don't start crying. CHRISTMAS is very much in evidence and someone lost his pennon on the run!"


  1. I LOVE their little wings! What lovely Christmas angels they made.I know they are bears and so can be grumpy but we love you Commoneo bears wings and all!! xxx

  2. How cute! Such adorable little beary angels. Whatever next will happen at Sasha Commoneo?

  3. That's what everyone needs - Angel bears for their tree!

  4. LOL How cute are these Commoneo bears!!!! Or should we call them little angels? No, best not do that, I don't think they'd be overly impressed if we did!