[lat.: commoneo- to put in mind, sich an etwas erinnern, zu Gemüte führen.]

5. Dezember 2015

☆ Am fünften Tag im Advent ...

Seht mal: wir haben heute einen Hirsch im Adventskalender. Und vergesst bloß nicht; abends die Schuhe rauszustellen.
 Weil doch nachts der NIKOLAUS kommt!


  1. Had forgotten all about your tradition of the shoes being left out ready to be filled with little treats.
    Just love her mothering of the little ones with these explanations and reminders of your Christmas traditions!

  2. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  3. Ooooh is it tonight!
    Here in Spain it's the night of 5th January when the shoes get left out for The Three Kings to fill with goodies! I hope your little ones get all that they wish for!

    1. Interesting, Sharon.
      I don't know where this comes from,
      but it is a nice tradition anyway!
      Just thought about the calendar, but in Spain you have the same as we here, right?

      In Russia they're celebrating Christmas on 7. January.

  4. Oh Tonight is shoe night! I love the little dolls sitting on the bed being told to put out the shoes.
    A lovely sweet evening photo :) xx

    1. *lol* ... 'shoenight' sounds precious, Dee!

  5. Please can you explain this shoe leaving out tradition to me. Is it St Nick who fills the shoes with sweet treats of is that in another country altogether.

  6. Sure!
    This is a link to some informations about Nikolaus von Myra = St.Nikolaus
    You'll find he best known story of his work in the middle of this site, under 'Miraculous and other stories' ('The tree virgins')

    Otto read some things about him last year:

    Below is a german site, but I link it anyway - they don't like the Weihnachtsmann/the CocoaCola-made one.
    It's a catholic site and they call St.Nikolaus 'an example for helping and donating' (My translation sounds wrong... sorry) - explaining more about the history.


    1. It's St.Nick filling the shoes ...showing (and reminding us) how to be generous.