30. Dezember 2015

Bedtime scenes

"Let me see..." - "Loovely!" 
"Morgan! You're wearing  MY pyjama bottoms. Sock it to me."
"Did you see that? We've got a NEW pram."
"Now please. Let ME shake it ..."
"I love that chair, it's just perfect for having unusual dreams!"
... poke ... push... 
"See! We've got a parcel. 
Mr.Digne says it's for us!"


  1. Beautifully dressed kids as always...what is in the parcel?

  2. What a lovely new pram the girls have, the babies look very sweet in there. Definitely a chair to have dreams in! But very strange and hard on the heart ones! All looking nice and cosy in their pj's and a mystery parcel that mr Digne says is theirs??? :)

  3. Hallo Ladies! Nice to meet you here again.
    (I'm just back from having 3 days in eastern germany near castle Stolten -were King August 'the strong' arrested his former maitresse for 49 years. Unbelievable!)

    Yes, ... who's sending parcels via Leipzig to us, mmh?

  4. Cute PJ scenes.
    Looooove the little wooden pram and can't wait to see what's in the parcel.

  5. What a lovely new pram, and such well dressed for bed kids!
    I hope they have a lot of fun with their new toys :)