31. Dezember 2015

The last day of 2015. The 300th post. Bedtimes scenes -and a big ThankYou

"Writen in english. M -e-r-r-y Ch-r-istm-a-s!" - " From where??"

"Sasha Village!?" -"Our friends over the ocean" - "Home of the famous HotHoney" - "Great!"

"Yes Sara, we got so nice friends in Great Britain!" - "Here's more ..."

" A BOOK!!" - Was für eins?... Sorry. What title?"

"Le petit prince. The little prince. Von Exupéry. DER KLEINE PRINZ, in german!"

"Oh, I love it so much. Shall I read for you?"

 ... Der Fuchs verstummte und schaute den Prinzen lange an: "Bitte ... zähme mich!" sagte er.
"Ich möchte wohl", antwortete der kleine Prinz, "aber ich habe nicht viel Zeit. 
Ich muß Freunde finden und viele Dinge kennenlernen."

"Man kennt nur die Dinge, die man zähmt", sagte der Fuchs. 
"Die Menschen haben keine Zeit mehr, irgend etwas kennenzulernen. 
Sie kaufen sich alles fertig in den Geschäften. 
Aber da es keine Kaufläden für Freunde gibt, haben die Leute keine Freunde mehr. 
Wenn du einen Freund willst, so zähme mich!"
"Was muß ich da tun?" sagte der kleine Prinz.
"Du mußt sehr geduldig sein", antwortete der Fuchs... 

  "Hier mein Geheimnis. Es ist ganz einfach: 

man sieht nur mit dem Herzen gut. 

Das Wesentliche ist für die Augen unsichtbar."


Thanks so much, Dee and all of The Village for this wonderful book!


  1. Oh, what a lovely gift to end the year 2015 on! How super too that it is written for you in German.
    The Sasha Brood and I would like to wish you all at Sasha Commoneo a very, very happy New Year and many thanks for all your wonderful blog posts.
    I KNOW that one shouldn't have FAVOURITES but THIS is MY very favourite of all the Sasha blogs as I adore the room settings and finer details....plus the fact that I never know what will be featured next, so, so many surprise stories, features and characters.

    I do hope that I might finally get to meet you in person at the 2016 CnS since your bad cold prevented you attending this year's event.

    1. Dear Kendal, thanks so much for your good wishes.
      We feel honoured and I'm happy, you're enjoying our little scenes and stories.

      Have a wonderful new year filled
      with hope and health and happiness!
      See you next year :)

  2. We are glad it arrived before the years end! We knew it was the perfect gift for our friends at Sasha Commoneo but for a moment when we saw how big that box was we thought.. it's too big but thank goodness it's the perfect size.
    Love the photo's of you all, Happy New year from all of your Friends at The Sasha Village, see you next year!! :)xxx

    1. Happy New Year to you, Dee - and Paul and all the Villagers.
      And many THANKS again xxx

  3. A lovely present! And congratulations on your 300th blog post. Your posts have kept us enthralled and entertained, I look forward to the next 300 from you :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx