23. Dezember 2015


"You're playing the whole Dickens Carol, Paola! What a success!"
"Äh -no. Not really. We only have a rehearsal for the first stave, as you know. No idea what happend afterwards..."


  1. Yes Paola a big success but are you going to do what happens afterwards?... would love to see.
    Also I do love you little Paola and the second photo of you here looking so sweet, I would love to see a nice big photo of you, so we met applaud the Director of this great Christmas tale! :)x

  2. Such a sweet pair! I love Paola too, she looks so tiny compared to her handsome companion.
    Big hugs, Sharon xxx

  3. Well Done Mrs Digne! You must be exhausted after your Christmas production! Have a rest and have a great Christmas!!