8. Dezember 2015

Please accept my apologies!

Having scheduled some posts before 'beeing away from keyboard', 
so that you don't have to miss us ...
but the blogger.com-'automatic' obviously didn't work. (Grrmbl!)

 Since I was in a Yogacenter for 3 days, without any internet.
Just for some practice and for getting help with my latest healthprobs.
 Wishing you all a relaxed evening...


  1. We will miss you but have a lovely restful yoga stay and we will look at the new photo's each day while you are away. Thanks for thinking of us :)

  2. hope your time away helps with your health problems, we'll miss you but your health matters more. I'm am enjoying your latest posts, though I haven't commented much.

  3. Haappy to hear this :)

    It was a really interesting experience!
    Yoga works f.e. if you have to much stress, can't calm down anymore and so your hearth is working to much.
    It tries to balance mind, soul and body - again.

    But one have to do some yoga DAILY ...

  4. I hope you are feeling less stressed and more relaxed after your three days away. You are very well organised doing the blog posts in advance for us! Thank you!