14. Dezember 2015

☆ Vom Himmel hoch ... From Heaven Above☆

"♪ From Heaven Above to Earth I Come ..."
"♬ To bear good news to every home   ... I thought we doesn't like the wings and now you're singing from up there?"
"Practically I want to use the wings. Flying is one f my dreams! - "But you are TT, you can travel in time!" - "Flying is another thing, believe me..."
" Glad tidings of great joy I bring ... Boys; sorry but you have to cancel the flights! I want to decorate this corner now. ♫ Whereof I now will say and sing ♪ "

Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her.

Ich bring’ euch gute neue Mär,

Der guten Mär bring ich so viel,

Davon ich singen und sagen will ...



  1. Delightful 'tidings of great joy' and was especially looking forward to the 'flight from Heaven'....before 'little-miss-kill-joy' came along and 'put paid' to it.

  2. Phew, close call! I thought he was going to try to fly and I could see a visit to the Bears Accident and Emergency Unit...which we really don't want to happen just before Christmas, there'd be such a queue, what with all the other bears that try to fly at this time of year! ;)

  3. Such a beautiful deep vice TT has ! and to fly... shame or maybe not that he did not have to do so. i do love their little wings, I suppose it's best that flying's out as Sharon says don't want TT or one of the others breaking something just before Christmas!! xx