28. Januar 2016

Why Rose rant and rave at Cumberland

NO! This is not happening!

"You can't be serious! Come OFF!"
"Yesterday you can't move, but today you're an artist? GET DOWN"
" ...but this is so much fun..."

More of "What Rose ..."

25. Januar 2016

Fixed again.

"Be brave. Mrs.Digne will do it."
"Done! I'm standing. Again. Don't loose your heart!"
"HA!"  - "Haha!"
"Last photo?" - "Now -lets leave that stitchy place"

22. Januar 2016


"I see. Poor girl!"
"We need a scissor. Wait!"
"Mrs. Digne says; be always carefully using scissors. I can do it!"
"...snip and snap!"
"Metoo ... finally free."

20. Januar 2016

Slacky & shackled

"So what's the problem here?" - "We have to move Cumberland to ...Mrs. Digne." - "Or in a hospital... because my limbs went slackly!"
"I'm not sure this is a regular stretcher?" - "... it will work!"
"Seems to be an egg box!" - "It works!"

"Me! In an egg box..." -  "Cumbie, don't be such a snob." - "...mumble, grumble"
"Me too!"
"Goodness, what a day! What do you want; Metoo?" - "See I'm shackled. Want be loose."
Crazy *sigh* One feels loose and want to be fixed ...and the other is fixed and want to be loose.

 Hej Commoneos, more solutions needed! HELP!

Demo in Berlin

"Wir habes es satt!"-Demo 2016
Rollende Traktoren, Forderungen an die Politik, Zehntausende demonstrieren kreativ und lautstark Richtung Regierungsviertel - das war Wir haben es satt 2016! Danke für euer aller Einsatz gegen die Agrarindustrie - Keine Zukunft ohne Bäuerinnen und Bauern!
Posted by Wir haben es satt on Dienstag, 19. Januar 2016

19. Januar 2016

“We are fed up with...” - "... loose limbs" - "No. AGROindustry!" -"LOOSElimbs!"

16.01.16 -Demonstration in Berlin: 'Wir haben es satt'
(Besonders nett; die Steckbriefe der Plakattiere > hier)

 ... Mrs. Digne was there, of course...

"And me? Nobody's watching me! I collapsed here, just on the "Independent Farmers Voice"
"Can't move. ... HELP!"
"What's the matter, Cumberlandy?" - "My limbs doesn't work anymore. They're kind of loose"
"Poor bear. How can I help you? Should we shout together?" - "H-E-L-P!"
"Whassup guys?"
"Cumbie has prob..." - "Justian! I can't MOVE!"
"Ok! We call a paramedic and organise a transport to ...a hospital, ...a doctor ...or Mrs.Digne."
"Someone needs help?" - "You come along just at the right time, Morgan..." - "YES, since we are not fed up with agro industry but with loose limbs."  - "Ssshh, Mrs. Digne should NOT HEAR this!"

13. Januar 2016



These are photos from Dee at SashaVillage.

12. Januar 2016


Little Remus is fine -and greets his friends...

11. Januar 2016

Award by 'Sharon in Spain'

Sharon in Spain, kindly nominated me for the 'Liebster-Award'
  Btw. 'Liebster' is german, meaning 'dearest'

Thanks so much Sharon, I feel honoured!

Sadly I'm not into awards and I got no BJD-Dolls, ... but will gladly answer some questions.
 (And be warned: showing some photos. I dived into my archive finding many pictures and memories.

  1.What drew you to the hobby?
My first doll...

Finchen (left)

2. What was your first doll? Why did you choose that one?
In the 80th, I watched a shopwindow of a toy store, and there was a Kaethe Kruse doll.
I fell in love with her.

I was always  'seing pictures' and love to photograph since I was a child.
This doll was like a picture and perhaps kind of a consolation for the children I lost with miscarriage.
The next one was a Sasha 'White Dress', found naked in a fleamarket.

  4. Did you sell any dolls in 2015?
I do want to have a more homogenius collection, almost entirely Sasha Morgenthaler. So I sold some dolls. But in the past I see many collector moving from collecting to more and more trading.
This is not my aim. 

6. What style best describes your doll collection? 
7. What sort of aesthetics do you look for in a doll?
 I'm collecting contemporary dolls for children with a neutral, serious expression. Sasha and Kaethe Kruse are still the most convincing pieces.

But I still have some Tonner 'Sydney Chase' dolls, a Gene Marshall, a Kish, a Mahi and some SMALL Annette Himstedts.

Kish 1995 LE 'Little match girl'

Himstedt Clubmini 2003 'Kati'

Tonner Sydney Chase 'Check this out'
Himstedt Clubmini 1998  'Lieschen'
2 Tonner 'Marley Wenthworth' -redressed:)
Tonner 'Tiny Kitty'
   8. Have you built or plan to build any dioramas for your dolls?
Kind of;  for combining collecting, fun and photography.
- I don't like 'displaying' dolls. After some days one do not perceive them anymore. It's better moving them from storage to play -and back :)

 9. What is your 2016 doll wish list?
A Yamka ...

 10. Do you have a 'fantasy' wish list? (i.e. dolls that you will never own unless you won lotto etc.)
No. I got the strong feeling, that I've spend already too much for dolls. I don't want to loose the relations to the really important things in life. I don't need  dolls, expensive like juwels (- and also don't need such juwels *g)

 11. What do you love most about the hobby?
Animate dollies. Let them tell stories. Picture them. And as Sharon wrote: having that warm contact to people, sharing interests, thoughts and pics.

10. Januar 2016

Designed by Petrana

In December,  Petrana kindly surprised us with a very special Adventcalendar!

If you were the first posting a comment on a dress, you had the chance to win it.

Guess what happens...

Thanks so much, Petrana!



9. Januar 2016

Only a teeny weeny bit more...

"... happy to see you again. Schön dich wiederzusehen! I try to make a snowangel for you, but the snow is crusted and doesn't work properly."

"I spy with my little eye... and that is ...  me!  Ich sehe was, das du nicht siehst... mich? Juhuu, hier bin ich doch! ... I have to go in now, I know what'll happen there..."

"Morgan; you have a nice walk in the snow while WE'RE WORKING! We have to put away these christmasthings and we're late. Help us!" - " Go change your trousers first, they're wet ..."
"Ok... I knew it!
"Cumberland! You was supposed to HELP US as well!"
"... but this book was more interesting ..." - "CUMBERLAND!!"