10. Januar 2016

Designed by Petrana

In December,  Petrana kindly surprised us with a very special Adventcalendar!

If you were the first posting a comment on a dress, you had the chance to win it.

Guess what happens...

Thanks so much, Petrana!




  1. Now seeing just what I've missed by keeping off the computer in the hope of helping cure my Vertigo.
    Well done to you and all at the Sasha Commoneo!

    1. Hope you are better now!
      Just googled Vertigo and understand the problem.

  2. Wonderful dress and a lovely Petrana for giving everyone a chance to win one of her dresses. We were also lucky to win one.
    Morgan looks beautiful in the new dress :)

  3. I agree! Petrana was so kind in organising her give away...it was a lovely thing to do and Letti will be modelling her 'Pet' dress when she gets her hair done..as it doesn't go with her hat!!

  4. Don't worry Kendal, I didn't see it either! So I never won anything. In fact, as I always say, I couldn't win a jacket for a gooseberry :)
    I like this dress on your little girl, it looks really nice with her red hair.