25. Januar 2016

Fixed again.

"Be brave. Mrs.Digne will do it."
"Done! I'm standing. Again. Don't loose your heart!"
"HA!"  - "Haha!"
"Last photo?" - "Now -lets leave that stitchy place"


  1. Thank goodness Mrs Digne knows how to wield a needle and thread! or it could have been a disaster ! Blanket stitch would not have been the same and possibly quite restrictive on the legs moving! Plus she could have gotten out.......the Machine!!
    But all's well and Cumbie can move again and Rosy? as her heart back round her neck :)

  2. Phew, that is a big relief, the bear is back to his old self again. I'm glad you were able to do the work on site and not have to have poor Cumbie carted off to hospital in his 'stretcher'....

  3. Loving this sentence....'Let's leave this stitchy place!'Conjures up so much imagination!
    Looks like everything is as good as new again in the Commoneo household!