22. Januar 2016


"I see. Poor girl!"
"We need a scissor. Wait!"
"Mrs. Digne says; be always carefully using scissors. I can do it!"
"...snip and snap!"
"Metoo ... finally free."


  1. Metoo finally free from her Sasha chains to enjoy life with her new family. Morgan was very careful with the scissors. I hope someone knows how to use a needle to save poor Cumbie from having to live life being carried about on a stretcher !! ;)

  2. That is a very cute baby, I'm glad she is all sorted out now and can feel as free as a bird!

  3. The 'freeing' power of a pair of scissors... BUT remember to always use them sensibly and carefully!
    Delightful baby. Beautifully posed and love the photograh angles which bring the whole post alive!
    (Good to be back and able to view and comment once again! Hope that it continues to last!)