8. Januar 2016

Lots of snow

Hope you are alive and kicking?  Well: ... here we have more snow...
... lacy cold shimmering snow on an branch;  a Magnolia btw. -at least in summer...
And this is the other side of winter: 'Blitzeis' in german. Blackice in english?
Yesterday it was raining ice and now you can't walk nice. We s l i d e the dog today. It's a lovely icing, but unhealthy to move on. Or drive a car...

The puddle. (Do you remember our bottlepost with the small bear?) Today I saw titmice here, wanting to have a drink like everyday - but no water. Poor birds.
I have to stomp and break... no NO... not me. Mrs. Digne told us forcefully!
See... nothing happens, but I broke the ice for all these thirsty birdies.
Do you know what ThiS is? ... mh? ... YES!  A beehive (a Warré) Bees don't sleep in winter but cuddling together and moving their wings to keep warm, nibbling some honey from time to time. There's a net around to avoid the nice little birds sitting down, making noises, scratching at the hive or eating any bee, who just have a look outside. Bees doesn't love to be disturbed in winter. ... More tomorrow...


  1. WHAT! more SNOW! this is not good, if there's lots it may decide to travel over this way! and we were doing so well it being so mild and now it's getting cold enough for.... s....snow !
    Black ice Not good , but I did laugh that you slide the dog today on his walk..skate? :) Glad you broke the ice on the pond where the bear in the bottle was found ( I remember it well) and that the bees are nice ans snug and waiting out the winter in their cosy hive nibbling on the honey and buzzing about what they'll do this year...
    I look forward to seeing what happening in the snow tomorrow :)

  2. What pretty snow covered scenery and how brave and kind of that warmly and suitably dressed Sasha to go out and attempt to break the ice on the pond for the birds to have a drink.

    Smiled at your description of your sliding/skating dog on his daily walk.
    Didn't know that about the bees whilst over-Wintering. I live and learn!

    I believe WE here in the UK are expected to have snow around the 18/19th of this month.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear you'll get snow next time.
    I promise, I wasn't involved in this plan!

    There are some snowpics for tomorrow, but meanwhile the snow disappeared here. There ARE still slippery places, but more green than white around.
    If you expect snow: Be brave, be prepaired... build an igloo!

  4. Another set of lovely COLD photos...you can certainly keep the snow though....I'm huddled in a hoodie with my four dogs to keep me warm, having looked at your blog I feel a chill!
    I think your little Sasha was very kind but very brave to stand on the ice and smash some so that the birds can get a drink...I think it would be better though if she went inside and made a pot of tea and invited all the little birds in to enjoy the warmth! ;)
    I never knew that about bees, very interesting!
    big hugs Sharon xxx

  5. I am just off to build an igloo :)