7. Januar 2016

More Snow!

We got Snow. As you know...
I want to show you some more.
Isn't this beautiful? Icy artwork!
Mmh,  ... how can get down here?
Slowly ... one step ...


Oops again ... no laughing matter!
You DID laugh ... just you wait!


  1. It makes me feel cold just to look at it! Super pictures of your girl though!
    Don't worry the UK may be in for some snow soon we are due a cold spell next week!!

  2. I agree that snow is beautiful to look at and those icicles are indeed a magnificent work of art by Mother Nature. However, like Dee says, just looking at it does really make me feel cold and I admit that I have become a wimp....any temperature under about 20C and I'm chilly and need an extra layer of clothing. LOL.
    But I love the photos and your girl in her nice cosy outfit, and I promise I didn't laugh....well maybe just the tiniest tiniest bit ;)

  3. Ha Hahahahaaaa Ouch! Hoy! That snowball hit me right in my ear.. (shudder) ergh it's dripping down my neck and back.....Okay I won't laugh any more but you did look funny with your hat over your eyes... no no! don't throw another one.
    Yes the icicles look lovely and the snow very....white! Please enjoy it and so will I from a safe distance across the sea... :)

  4. Everywhere looks so magical covered in white and with those wonderfully artisitic, glistening icicles hanging from those branches.
    Makes me want some of it here in the UK for a day or so.
    Love how your have dressed your Sasha to go out exploring. She looks so warm and totally adorable.