[lat.: commoneo- to put in mind, sich an etwas erinnern, zu Gemüte führen.]

12. Januar 2016


Little Remus is fine -and greets his friends...


  1. Look at that handsome and happy face, what a lovely boy Anne, thank you soooo much for sharing him with us!
    Big hugs to you and please give him a big kiss from me!
    Sharon xxx

  2. What a happy boy - it does me good to hear that laugh!

  3. Hello Gorgeous ! What a happy boy you are and it's lovely to see you. big kisses Dee xxxxx

  4. As his mother I have to agree - he is (most of the time) a very happy boy and smiles a lot...a true blessing :) thanks for all the lovely comments xXx

  5. What a dear happy little chappy. Lucky you as I miss having grandchildren...so my Sasha Dolls try to make up for this in their own little way.