9. Januar 2016

Only a teeny weeny bit more...

"... happy to see you again. Schön dich wiederzusehen! I try to make a snowangel for you, but the snow is crusted and doesn't work properly."

"I spy with my little eye... and that is ...  me!  Ich sehe was, das du nicht siehst... mich? Juhuu, hier bin ich doch! ... I have to go in now, I know what'll happen there..."

"Morgan; you have a nice walk in the snow while WE'RE WORKING! We have to put away these christmasthings and we're late. Help us!" - " Go change your trousers first, they're wet ..."
"Ok... I knew it!
"Cumberland! You was supposed to HELP US as well!"
"... but this book was more interesting ..." - "CUMBERLAND!!"


  1. Thank goodness! I was worried I'd see a blizzard! You make a lovely snow angel Morgan :) but it appears you should have been helping tidy not out side enjoying yourself ( but there are plenty others to tidy ;) )
    Love the bog jeans and the little jeans drying .. :))
    I'm afraid I would be like Cumberland if I had a good book who have my head down and reading and not worrying about tidying up!
    I think you two girls are on your own for the tidying ! :)

  2. sorry did not check before pressing , that should say BIG jeans not bog!! ha ha :))

  3. Gnihihi*
    That bogword is interesting as well. But I swear the big jeans are WET only!

    One of my daughters run a little quest for photos with big and tiny things who looks the same.
    Called 'May I say MUM to you'
    I'll hand the jeansphoto to her, it matches...

  4. I love the big (bog) jeans and little jeans photo as well :) Glad your snow is melting...not looking forward to when the snow reaches us in the UK (:

  5. That's a 'stunning' photo of mum's and Morgan's jeans drying on the radiator. I particularly loved the way that you had dressed Morgan for her outside 'snowtime!'
    I too hate having to take down and put away the Christmas decorations and so always try to leave them up until the very last minute on January 6th knowing how everywhere always looks so bare and dull the next morning!
    Snow is due here in the UK I believe by the middle of next week. I had thought that we might have got away without any this year due to the December mildness....but not to be!

  6. Lovely photos once again, but Morgan was a bit naughty trying to avoid helping to put the Christmas decorations away. Not that I blame her, it is such a chore, there is none of the excitement as there is when putting them up in anticipation of Christmas. And like Kendal says, everything is so bare the when they come down.
    I too love the jeans photo, very cool! (And hopefully now, very dry!)