[lat.: commoneo- to put in mind, sich an etwas erinnern, zu Gemüte führen.]

4. Januar 2016


"Guckt bloß, es hat geschneit!"
"Wissen wir ...
... wir gucken nämlich grad aus dem Küchenfenster ...
... und wir wollen RaUs!


  1. Oh NO Not SNOW!!
    It does look lovely but I would not want any here unless it arrives next Wednesday and goes by Friday as I will not be at work , so will not need to drive out in the snowy roads. It would make for a good photo op but only then :)
    So please keep it until next week , thanks :)x

  2. How simply delightful. Such a beautiful scene.
    I do love SNOW but only for the day as I find that the UK doesn't cope at all well with 'the white stuff' and everyday life tends to get 'clogged up' and comes to an almost grinding halt.

  3. It looks lovely...but please keep it where you are...we don't want any snow in the UK!!!
    Great pictures of it though!

  4. Ok, I understand: we're keeping the snow here! Until next week. Then sending -justintime- the whole white stuff to St.H. for saving Dee from work!

    In Berlin, where I come from, snow was mostly terrific too- always wet and gray and slushy, squishy, sludgy, squashy.
    (*g, love your language)

  5. Oh it looks sooooo magical! I love to see snow on the ground, but outside someone else's window, NOT mine! ;)
    Love your girls looking out at it, I expect they want to go out and play in it too, right?

    1. ....precisely, Sharon. All children want to :)

  6. Such a pretty scene from your window but please, please don't send it here!!!

    1. I will not- promise, Rosalind :)