20. Januar 2016

Slacky & shackled

"So what's the problem here?" - "We have to move Cumberland to ...Mrs. Digne." - "Or in a hospital... because my limbs went slackly!"
"I'm not sure this is a regular stretcher?" - "... it will work!"
"Seems to be an egg box!" - "It works!"

"Me! In an egg box..." -  "Cumbie, don't be such a snob." - "...mumble, grumble"
"Me too!"
"Goodness, what a day! What do you want; Metoo?" - "See I'm shackled. Want be loose."
Crazy *sigh* One feels loose and want to be fixed ...and the other is fixed and want to be loose.

 Hej Commoneos, more solutions needed! HELP!


  1. Juhuuu ... wollt mal wieder winken, bin immer da 😊 brauch zwar öfters mal den Herrn Leo #grins
    Einmal feste knuddeln fĂŒr alle ... hilft ĂŒbrigens gegen alle Krankheiten
    P.S. Kleines Filmchen fĂŒr all Deine kleinen Familienmitglieder aus meinem PĂŒppi Wohnzimmer http://websta.me/n/saphiraswelt

    1. Sehr herzig!
      Immer schön, wenn man ein passendes Möbelchen findet, nicht?

    2. Ohne Leo/Linguee/dict.com geht bei mir auch nix...
      aber kann ja nicht schaden so ein bißchen Hirntraining :)

  2. What clever children to be using an egg box for a stretcher! and another little darling baby Metoo :)
    and Terry Pratchett books to keep her comfy while she waits to be released, such wonderful reading :)

  3. Oh dear, it's all happening at the Digne household....whatever can be done to sort out these limp limbed little people?
    I hope this is not catching as I've had to restring someone here too recently...and no, it wasn't my dear husband ;)

  4. 'Slacky limbs!' What a delightful description of loose stringing!

    There has had to be 12 cases of re-stringing here too over the last four months... with a few more still to go when the Sasha cash flow/money pot picks/fills up again... as The 75 Brood members try to get themselves ready to stand smartly and securely whilst on display 'collectively' at the Sasha Celebration Weekend in May.

    Sweet little Gotz baby whom I'm sure will be truely grateful when finally freed from her restricting tags.

    Love the improvisation of the stretcher. Those raised sides will definitely prevent any 'rollings off' when on the move.